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Business English available for professionals such as solicitors, doctors who would like to improve their speaking or writing skills.
You can 'Pay as you go' or buy a package, which is better value for money and more convenient, as you don't have to pay for each lesson.

£45/hour for 1 to 1
£430 for 10 hours
£800 for 20 hours

£50/hour for 2 to 1
£480 for 10 hours
£920 for 20 hours

Contact us for corporate rates.

Our teachers can also teach you or your children on holiday abroad. Please contact us for a quote. Some of our teachers teach several subjects.

1 to 1 and group sessions are available. You need to have your own group. 

Test your English

We provide English as a Foreign Language lessons (EFL) and English for GCSE lessons in your home or office. Intensive lessons are available before exams, an interview or a move to another country.

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