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Maths & Science

Turkish teacher

Séverine (Kent) has taught French and Spanish at KS3, KS4 and A levels in secondary schools. She now teaches adults and children privately. 

Romie has been teaching French in Barcelona and in London for two decades. She is very familiar with GCSE and AS/A2 and business French. She also speaks German and is a keen musician.

Morgan has been working for Voulez-vous parler for 4 years and is a perfect teacher for children and adults. He has a lot of experience of the latter and corporate tuition, NGO French, business French.



Karen has been teaching French, music and Mandarin for beginners. She lived in Shangai for 5 years and studied Mandarin at Shangai University. Karen used to work in the medical sector, so is an expert in medical terminology.

French teachers


Mandarin teacher

Arabic teacher



English teachers

Italian teachers

Portuguese teacher

Norwegian teacher

Russian teacher

Marie-Pierre has been teaching French GCSE and A level for 10 years. She also teaches adults.
teaches French in Leicester. She has experience in teaching French at university level and to corporate students.   


Greek teachers

Latin teachers




Carlos is a native speaker from Valencia, Spain. He has a IH CLTA and has been teaching in London since 2006 privately and in companies. He has taught many intensive courses, therefore,  he will give you many tips to improve the quickest way possible.

Darlene has been teaching Spanish for 20 years. She now teaches in local colleges and privately.

 has been teaching Spanish for Voulez-vous parler for 6 years. She teaches adults and children. She has a lot of experience in corporate tuition, GCSE and A level Spanish.






Spanish teachers

Dagmar and Jurgen

Paola has been teaching Italian, including Business Italian for many years in London. She is a qualified teacher and specializes in teaching Italian for Fashion and Design. She also teaches French, one of her passions.

Managing director

Alexandra and Anna

Shamini for GCSE maths, 11+ maths, English GCSE and 11+ preparation.


Our Team

Dutch teacher

German teachers

Eva (Switerland or Skype)




 is a qualified teacher of Classics, both ancient Greek andLatin. She has taught these subjects for many years in Greece. She also teacher Modern Greek to adults and children.

Silvia is Italian. She did an MA in Sinology at SOAS and has lived in Beijing for 2 years. She is a qualified teacher. 

Evi is a native Greek speaker from Athens. She has been teaching Greek privately and in schools in London for many years. She has experience in Special needs too and is an Art graduate who speaks French. 

Georgia is based in West London. She has been teaching Greek for many years to adults and children. She speaks French as well.

Eva (Switzerland lessons or Skype)

Eva T studied French and Literature in Greece. She's a qualified teacher and teaches Greek and French.

Eleni is a qualified teacher of Classics, both ancient Greek and Latin. She has taught these subjects for many years in Greece. She also teacher Modern Greek to adults and children. Séverine (Kent) has taught French and Spanish at KS3, KS4 and A levels in secondary schools. She now teaches adults and children privately.





Japanese teacher


Silvia teaches Italian and Mandarin. She is also a translator from Mandarin to Italian and English. 

Palma teaches Italian and is also a translator. 

Suejen teaches Italian, maths and sciences. 






Sophie Marette started teaching English in France as a teenager, then taught French in secondary schools in East London from 1997 to 2004. She did a GTP (Graduate Teacher Training) in 2001-2002, after being a French assistant in Waltham Forest between 1997 and 2000. She has been a French tutor since 2000, teaching children and adults - in a wide range of companies such as banks, media, property developers, government: FCO, MOD, and trying a variety of methods in the process. She now mainly runs 'Voulez-vous parler', writes articles about languages (see the blog), does voiceovers, translations and teaches privately in Beckenham, the City and Canary Wharf to professionals and teenagers: GCSE,  AS, A2 French. She also holds an MA in Bilingual Translation from Westminster University. She is learning Portugese, Japanese and has a passion for astrology, writing and yoga retreats.

Voulez-vous Parler?​


Cormac teaches Business English and conversational English for adults in London. He is now teaching 'Health and safety' English for one of our corporate clients. 

Patrick is now based in Norway and teachers English on Skype. 

Cristina grew up in England, and lived in Madrid for 2 years where she taught English. She has parents from English and Spanish nationalities, has a PGSE and has taught French and Spanish GCSE and AS/A2. 

Kenneth has been teaching English for a few decades.

Kim has many years of experience in the corporate environment which makes her business English lessons very relevant to the corporate world. She used to work at the Ministry of Agriculture. She has taught English in Asia and Canada.

Gemma teaches English literature and helps GCSE and A level students to improve their writing skills. ​


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