Recommended videos:

How can you reach a high level in a language?


The TV5 channel, useful for French learners and teachers:

To discover and learn French:​

Why is your Spanish stagnating and what to do about it?

French punctuation:

6 destructive language learning excuses

Do you want to learn about the differences between French and British attitudes at work?
Simon Kuper wrote about it in the Financial Times and kindly authorized us to publish the link here:

How will the new GCSEs be graded? By Dr Frances Wilson

To listen to the radio in French:
They have all kinds of programmes, from health to news, and competitions!

Europe 1:


A nice addition to private lessons which is very popular with my students:

Michel Thomas courses:

Bookshops to buy language books in London:
The European bookshop

Foyles, Charing Cross road

Belgravia Books, 59 Ebury Street, SW1W 0NZ, London

The Italian bookshop, 123 Gloucester road, SW7 4TE, London

To buy second-hand or new French books from France: (look on the right where it says: 'occasion')

For French (intensive) residential courses in France: (English or French courses)

Pour des informations sur l'éducation à Londres et au Royaume-Uni:

Buying a home:

Learning languages links

Corporate tuition

Lessons  tailored  to  you  and  your lifestyle

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